Corporate Law

Any type of activity shall start from registration of a legal entity. We provide registration services for enterprises of various corporate forms – from a private company and a limited liability company to joint stock companies. Our lawyers have extensive experience in drafting incorporation documents to participating in cofounders' negotiations while incorporating a company. We also provide consultancy services to our clients regarding corporate issues related to registration of changes introduced into the corporate structure of a company (changes of co-owners, share capital, management structure and so on). In corporate disputes and hostile (illegal) takeovers we have often successfully defended clients from raids, including one perpetrated by regulatory and law enforcement authorities that acted in favor of the transgressors.

Merger and Acquisition Projects

The firm has significant experience in providing clients with consultancy services on mergers and acquisitions, as well as practical experience in implementing such projects –from preparing due diligence to drafting and implementing corresponding agreements.

Commercial Law

Any economic activity is accompanied by various legal issues, from the routine to the unusual. We are well-versed in all possible problems that a company may face in Ukraine, regardless of its size and type of activities, for example:

  • Choosing a legal mechanism for operating an enterprise.
  • Arranging legal management structures within a group of companies.
  • Supporting contract and claim-related work.
  • Monitoring clients for compliance with permits and other requirements.
  • Representing clients dealing with law enforcement and regulatory authorities.
  • Maintaining daily business activities.
  • Structuring agreements.


We are most experienced in litigation. Our lawyers handle dozens of successful cases ranging across various subjects and territorial jurisdictions simultaneously. We specialize in:

  • Commercial disputes, including debt repayments, disputes related to real estate properties, bankruptcy cases, and others
  • Corporate disputes, including those relating to raids on businesses
  • Tax disputes and other disputes related to administrative legal proceedings with public bodies
  • Representation in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine

Liquidation of an Enterprise

If setting up a business in Ukraine is relatively easy, winding up is usually a very complicated process. Furthermore, in most cases, the reason behind this is within relations between the tax authorities and the businesses. Obviously, in Ukraine, which ranks among the countries with one of the highest levels of corruption in the World, one may hardly expect that the tax authorities will comply with the laws in relation to the business. The situation is being significantly complicated by the state being focused solely on the fiscal function of the tax authorities.

As a result, the tax audit, which a company is required to undergo during its shuttering, is quite an absurd measure either based on the findings specified in the audit report of the tax authority or on the formal actions and requirements of the tax inspectors, which are generally not subject to regulations (for instance, the "termination checklists").

The legal services market has reacted with a number of different responses, which easily confuse a client and create new problems, including "hot" deals for winding up a company within two days or winding up a company without any tax audits, etc. We are firmly convinced that liquidation of an enterprise should always be treated as a very individual legal project requiring a clear understanding of a client's risks and needs.

Other Services

We provide a full range of legal services for drafting and concluding any agreements related to real estate properties – sale-purchase, exchange, gift, lease, creating easements over properties and others. Our lawyers support numerous projects related to new construction, reconstruction, and repairs. We also participate in commercial litigation related to real estate properties and in disputes with government agencies.

Our firm has experience in regulating labor relations at large manufacturing companies. Our layers participated in the projects of restructuring, optimization downsizing of staff, labor disputes. Today the employment of foreigners is quite a topical issue whereby our firm has sufficient experience.

Our firm has experience in obtaining Anti-monopoly Committee permits, and protecting the client's interests in cases related to violation of the anti-monopoly laws (both with the committee and with the courts).

The working languages of the Firm are Ukrainian, Russian and English. Legal fees are usually paid by our customers based on hourly rates. We offer a custom-tailored approach to each client and each project. For information specific to your needs please contact us directly: