About our company

YUVITO Law Firm has been practicing law since 1995. Our firm provides a full range of legal services required by any company in Ukraine – commercial, corporate, tax, labor, competition law, and business protection. Many of our long-term clients have been with us from our beginning. YUVITO Law Firm provides also accounting services and represents its clients during criminal proceedings.

We are particularly experienced with foreign-owned enterprises. We understand the standards applied by international businesses and what is needed to make them successful in the Ukrainian business environment, and navigate the numerous challenges faced specifically by foreign companies.

Our lawyers have extensive experience working with clients operating in various business sectors such as: agriculture, cement & concrete production, aggregates, construction, oil and gas, food-processing, wholesaling, welding equipment and services, medical industry and pharmaceuticals, education service, real estate etc. Our extensive work has given us the experience needed to adapt our approach to a broad range of clients and activities.